Tutorial Action Plan: Nestor programme

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The NESTOR Program depends on the Vice-rectorate. for Students, Postgraduate and Continuing Education. Its objective is to support the students in the formation process during the years that they stay in the UdL. It, facilitates personal, academic and professional orientation to allow them to take decisions about its professional future.

Coordinator: Marcelino Bermúdez López (medicina.nestor@udl.cat ).

Basic elements that conform the Nestor Program:

  • Reception Day: the new students of the UdL have, during the week before the course starts, a first contact with the university. During this week, they receive information about the organization of the studies and the services and tools that they will use. They also can visit the different places.
  • Tutorial: Students may meet with their tutor and speak about the doubts and he/she can obtain orientation and support about different problems
  • Additional activities: each center or faculty organizes additional activities, depending on the requirements of the students. These activities are free and they complement student’s formation.

Reception Day

Each Faculty organizes reception activities during the days before classes start. Motivated by the Dean of each center and organized by the coordination, these activities make easier the integration of the students in the UdL. They provide information about the general organization of the university and specifically, about their Faculty, they explain to the students all the services that they can use during the degree: Information and Attention University Service (SIAU), Virtual Campus, Library, etc. During these days, the students get information also about the organization of their degree and they have the opportunity to meet their classmates.


Activities. 2021-22

More information activities 2021-22


A tutor is assigned to each student, mainly a professor of his/her degree. The tutor is a referent for the student during the university years. The student can ask for help to his tutor about any issue. Every student can log into the link below to know who his /her tutor is and to make personal contact by going to the office or by mail.


Who is my tutor?

Additional activities

The additional activities are volunteer activities for the students to acquire transversal competences useful for the study and for his/her professional life. Each year the university offers different activities during the course, depending on the necessities of the students or the decision of the professorate or coordinators. These activities can be offered for one degree or for all the degrees of a Faculty. Other activities can be opened for all the students of the UdL. Below you can take a look to the information about the activities planned for this year.










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