European languages and cultures

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May 9 is celebrated throughout Europe the day in 1950 laid the foundation for what was to be the European Union. After two wars that ravaged not only Europe but further progress was necessary in the search for possible ways to guarantee dialogue and stability in the relations between the various European countries, little by little, were added the concept of joint political, economic and social. But now, in 2017, it seems that the idea has entered a time of crisis. In this context, languages are tools of culture, communication and knowledge, which help to raise the conflict. Europe is a continent rich in languages and cultures, which, when they communicate, help resolve conflicts. This is the axis that the University of Lleida has sought to establish as central to the commemoration of this year, with activities in May.
Thus, the Vice President for Student and Vice President of Cultural Activities and University Planning, faithful to his willingness to open up to the citizens of Lleida and its regions, and transmit cultural values that unite us as humans, we proposed to celebrate Europe Day on 9 May, a series of cultural activities in four European languages during the two weeks surrounding.
Activities from 2 to May 10, open to everyone, to fill the seats
Day 5.2 at 19 h. Hall of the Rectory Building
European of the Week by the Vice President for Students, Neus Vila and the Vice President of Cultural Activities and University Planning, Joan Biscarri
JAZZ with Soundtrack Pilatovic-Monk Trio, training for piano, bass and vocals. Movie soundtracks, performed in English Organization:
Languages Institute
Music Classroom