Analyzing the causes of stroke reduces relapses

According to research by researchers from the Faculty of Medicine

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Perform imaging study early and comprehensive stroke patients who have suffered a transient stroke significantly reduces the risk of recurrence, thanks to the individualization of the treatment of secondary prevention. This is the main conclusion of an investigation of the Consolidated Research Group of Clinical Neurosciences at the University of Lleida (UDL), published in the journal Cerebrovascular Diseases by Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers. The risk is reduced to only 3.4% in the three months to monitor the patient.

The team, led by Professor of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lleida and specialist at the University Hospital Arnau de Vilanova Francesc Purroy, made a meta-analysis of fifteen scientific studies with a total of 14,889 patients, to establish the risk of recurrence of stroke after a transient ischemic attack (TIA) when you do a comprehensive study and fast.

We analyze brain imaging through a CT scan or an MRI, and a study by vascular ultrasound blood to see if the cause of the AIT is a narrowing (stenosis) or closing carotid or intracranial has an origin.

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