Medicine repeats as the highest grade note in the UdL

Assigned already 2,250 seats of the 2,305 that are offered for the next course

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The degrees related to the Health and Veterinary Sciences are those that have a higher grade note for the 2017-2018 course at the University of Lleida (UdL), according to the data published by the Generalitat today. The degree of Medicine repeats leading the list, with 12,311. Behind, we find the double degree of Nursing and Physiotherapy (11.688), Biomedical Sciences (11,642), Science and Animal / Veterinary Production (10.872), Physiotherapy / Sports Sciences (10,818) and Computer Engineering / ADE (10,340). In the first allocation of places, the UdL has covered 2,250 of the 2,305 that it offers. Of these, 1,443 are first-preference assignments.
Medicine at the UdL is the tenth grade with more applications to the universities of the Catalan public system. He has received 2,822 requests for the 110 seats he offers in the first year. The 10 most requested lessons in first preference are: Administration and direction of companies (UB), Psychology (UB), Medicine (UPF / UAB), Medicine (UB-Campus Clínico), Medicine (UAB), Law (UB), Engineering Computing (UPC), Nursing (UB-Campus Bellvitge), Psychology (UAB), and Medicine (UdL).

At the level of all Catalonia, 46,052 students have pre-enrolled and 88.03% already have a university assigned. Of these, almost 7 out of 10, 67.81% (27.487) will be able to study the degree they wanted in the center they had chosen in the first preference. The highest admission grades correspond to the double degree of Physics / Mathematics at the UAB (13,352 and 20 seats), Physics / Mathematics at the UB (13,115 and 20 seats), UPF Medicine (12,840 and 60 seats) and Medicine at the UB -Campus Clinic (12,725 and 172 seats)

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